Parts Room and
Tech Sessions

-Eric Gibeaut

Huge Parts Room

The parts room at the TEAE United in La Crosse, Wisconsin was only 800 square feet and we had crammed 32 full size tables in it. The SUNI parts room will be three times that size PLUS there are extra rooms to expand into if we need more space! So far we have 20 registrants who plan on bringing items to sell. But there’s plenty more room!

Contact Eric at for questions and answers about this.

Tech Sessions Next Door

Tech sessions will be held in a room next to the Parts Room during times that don’t conflict with the other many events!

So far we have these sessions lined up:

  • LED lighting
  • Sunbeam tool kits
  • 5-speed conversion for Tigers
  • Ceramic coating parts Rebuilding loose door hinges
  • Steering wheel repairs and new hub repair kit installation
  • V-6 Alpine conversions
  • Rear disc brakes
  • Power steering
  • Brake pedal modifications: No servo needed
  • Adjusting the horn ring assembly and the turn signal switch return contact
  • Special women’s session for knitting a special project!

If you would like to present some info, give a demonstration, or bring parts, please contact
Eric at